Tony is working as an electrical design engineer at associate level for a small building services consultancy in the Midlands. Working on the detailed design for almost any building type, he has gained in depth knowledge of building services from a consultancy and contractors perspective, learning what works and what doesn't, along with all the little loop holes.


Experienced in all aspects of electrical services design, including budget estimation and planning, he has a wealth of experience, offered to you for free.


Tony enjoys cycling, getting the spokes turning as often as possible and software development, enabling workflows to become as smooth as possible.

Our Mission


Like you, I have a list of things that wind me up and annoy me in equal measure, however, the one at the top of the list is getting ripped off. If I feel like I am getting a good deal or my effort is worth the results, I am happy. But if I feel like someone is taking me for a ride, I then find out as much information as possible to work out what is happening and how to rectify it, usually by asking pertinent questions.


That is the main reason this site was created, our aim is to arm you, the reader, with the right kind of information, to ask the right questions, which should then reduce your chance of getting ripped off. It is also the reason the site will remain free, for anyone to use, take away the bits you need, or are relevant to your build, and use them to educate your decisions for the best result.


We want to give you all the details for a particular technology or system, not just the glossy positive sales information we always see.


We love to hear from you, so please email any questions you have or request a subject to be covered. We have more than 70 pages currently planned for this site, but we may change the order they are published to fill the need.

About us

Martyn is currently employed as a Senior Mechanical Engineer, working on a diverse array of projects from all sectors. Responsible for a project from inception to completion, his wide knowledge of mechanical building services is built on extensive experience in the construction industry.


Martyn is a keen runner, entering his local Parkrun on a weekly basis and quite often improving his personal best. Also interested in cycling, Yoga and other fitness routines to keep him in shape.