On this page you will find useful links and information for the systems and equipment used elsewhere on this site.


Aerial Equipment


A site I have used for a number of years is Satellite Superstore, which has a massive range of products and excellent advice. You can also email them with a question if you need any further help, however, it is always worth checking the extensive FAQ section

Satellite Superstore (www.satellitesuperstore.com)

Primesat (Sister site) (www.primesat.eu)


Air Source Heat Pumps


Air Source is a relatively new technology and it does have some issues, especially in lower temperatures, read the full article.

Dimplex Ltd (http://www.dimplex.co.uk/products/renewable_solutions/heat_pump_air_source/index.htm)




Gas and oil fired boilers vary greatly between manufacturer’s, the only one we would recommend would be Worcester Bosch. The range available and the functionality make it an essential choice for any project.

Worcester Bosch (www.worcester-bosch.co.uk/homeowner)


Distribution Equipment


Hager have a good range of consumer units and distribution equipment for the self build market. I personally prefer the Hager range, because there is lots of wiring room inside, compared to the other manufacturers

Hager Distribution

The majority of electricians will be familiar with the MK Sentry range of consumer units and distribution products, nothing wrong with the equipment, just not my favourite.

MK Sentry Distribution (http://www.mkelectric.com/en-GB/Products/CP/Pages/default.aspx)


Electrical Testing


This probably relates more to the refurbish or extension markets, as a new build electrician will include for this element in their pricing. For any electrical installation inspection and testing, it is very important that you use an electrician registered with one of the Part P (Building Regulations) schemes, NICEIC or Napit are the most popular, however, links to all the schemes are below. All will have a search box which provides contact details for a suitable engineer in your location.

ELECSA Ltd (http://www.elecsa.co.uk/Householders.aspx)

NAPIT Certification Ltd (http://www.napit.org.uk/defaultConsumer.asp)

NICEIC Certification Services Ltd (http://www.niceic.com)


Electricity supplies


The Energy Networks Association provide information on who distributes electricity to your area, this is not the same as supply, which can be anyone on the ENA website, along with some other independent companies. If you need a new or modified electricity supply, you will need to arrange this with a distribution network operator (see the article) and your energy supplier. The following link will help you work out who to contact

Energy Networks Association Ltd (http://www.energynetworks.org/info/faqs/electricity-distribution-map.html)


Ground Source Heat Pumps


Ground source is a new renewable technology gaining in popularity, the link below takes you to products we have used and are satisfied with.

Dimplex Ltd (http://www.dimplex.co.uk/products/renewable_solutions/heat_pump_ground_source/index.htm)


Heating systems


Any work required to install a new heating system or modify an existing one, will need the services of a registered plumber. Visit the Gas Safe website to find one in your area.

Gas Safe Register (http://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/)




The selection for lighting is vast and you would struggle to run out of options for light fittings on first inspection, however, if you have a particular style in mind this available luminaires can become limited. Below are some links to websites I have had good products and good service from, they range from domestic through to commercial, the latter having a higher price tag, also higher quality and lower energy use.

Andy Thornton £££ (http://www.andythornton.com/en-UK/products/lighting)

Hacel Lighting Ltd ££ (http://www.hacel.net/pages/product-range.php)

SLV Lighting Ltd £ (http://www.slvlighting.com/)

Zumtobel Lighting Ltd ££££ (http://www.zumtobel.com/gb-en/)




Myson carry a huge selection of radiators, they are very robust and nicely finished, a simple choice

Myson (http://www.myson.co.uk/products/radiators.asp)


Under-floor heating


There are many manufacturers of under-floor heating system components, Speedfit is one of the most popular. The links below go to a couple of sites that will supply equipment only, the last one is an installer I have had good experiences with in the past.

Speedfit UFH (http://www.speedfitufh.co.uk/components.php)

Myson (http://www.myson.co.uk/underfloor_heating.asp)

Ultimate Underfloor Heating (http://www.u-u-h.com/)